A wholesale coffee with Purpose

Jabulani Coffee won Gold at the October 2022 Food Drink Devon awards for its flavour; yet it goes beyond the bean with a passion and a purpose to support the social impact of rebuilding Rwandan communities since the genocide ended in 1994. With every sale contributing directly to the female Cooperative who run the farm and their families, this beautiful Fairtrade coffee offers a unique wholesale opportunity for sustainability conscious hospitality and hotel businesses.

Over the summer, Brand Biscuit Studio had a unique opportunity to visit an Organic coffee plantation, high in the Rwandan hillside. To capture an inspiring brand story about a coffee that has purpose. Collaboratively we produced a short documentary film to share this incredible narrative; highlighting why conscious consumerism matters more today than ever, and that by supporting small everyone involved gains more than just a great tasting cup.

With pennies being pinched during this cost of living crisis, Jabulani Coffee offers an affordable alternative to people that no longer want to spend their hard-earned money on meaningless food, drink and material items. Their customers know that their one small spend on a cup of Jabulani Coffee is going beyond the bean, and supports communities both locally and on a global scale – all whilst being rewarded with the taste and experience of an award winning specialty coffee.

The coffee was rebranded around this story and launched on 28th October with an identity that has meaning and that purposefully reflects the Jabulani ethical values and sustainable ethos.

Watch Short Film Here to discover the Jabulani Coffee Origin story

Where the story began

Based on Plymouth’s Union Street, Jabulani Coffee is a Single Origin, Organic Rwandan coffee with a purpose. Created in partnership with Jabo Butera from the Diversity Business Incubator in Plymouth and Owens Coffee Roastery in Devon, Jabulani Coffee is on a mission to connect the UK and Rwanda through great tasting organic coffee and education.

Founded by husband-and-wife duo Jabo Butera and Liliane Uwimana, the couple felt a need to raise awareness of the impact and consequences surrounding the Rwandan genocide since 1994. Bringing people together through coffee, sustainably supports local communities worldwide, in their Motherland Rwanda and now their Homeland in Plymouth Devon.

Buying a cup of Jabulani Coffee truly goes beyond the bean, with profits feeding important Social Impact projects on the plantation in the Northern province Gakenke. Following the genocide, the Twongerekawa Coko cooperative proudly champions regenerative farming using organic and environmentally sustainable practices. Chameleons were introduced as a natural pesticide and water recycling for washing and cleaning the beans are just a couple of examples of what makes this farm influential.

Alongside their almost entirely female workforce the project connects ambassadors from the UK and Rwanda to exchange knowledge and leadership to help support and secure the future of agriculture in Rwanda.

Every Jabulani Coffee sale proudly contributes to this women’s cooperative and the survival of people and the planet. In Rwanda, 3 in every 10 children don’t make it past the age of 5 years old, which is just one example of a topic Jabulani is raising awareness of. The profits from Jabulani directly contribute to building important day-care and educational facilities for these children and hopefully future farmers.

More locally, each sale also supports Owens as a local Devonshire business, enabling them to buy more beans directly and ethically from the source, which in turn supports many Rwandans for a whole year. Equally, the Diversity Business Incubator in Plymouth gains important revenue to continue supporting local refugees and developing young ethnic minority entrepreneurs.


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