With the success of multiple Arcipluvia paintings being exhibited across two group shows in London – ‘ELYSIUM’ in April presented by The Holy Art Gallery and ‘The New Artist II’ in May which took place at Boomer Gallery – time is being taken to work on some exciting new commissions. Following the physical ‘ELYSIUM’ show, the virtual tour of the exhibition is now on permanent displayed via The Holy Art website: https://www.theholyart.com/journal/elysium

Separately, two mini Arcipluvia scenes, painted in gouache on paper envelopes have been included in the upcoming fundraising art exhibition, A Letter in Mind 2022, which raises money for the National Brain Appeal. All artworks are priced at £85 with all proceeds from the sale going towards supporting their vital projects at Queen Square. The physical exhibition at Gallery Different, and the online preview, opens on 2nd November, with online sales opening on the 3rd November and the exhibition closing on 6th November. #ALIM22 #ASenseOfMovement

With Arcipluvia being inspired by terra firma and centred around undulating, imagined landscapes, there has been an evolution of these scenes to depict rolling waves or ripples of water. As a play on the latin-derived, Arcipluvia, this series has been titled Aquapluvia, and though a stylistic continuation of the Arcipluvia hills, the mounds of greens, blues and purples stand to represent water. Where to some, these waves might feel large and engulfing, alluding to the lonely, dangerous and tempestuous nature of the sea, to others they resemble ripples in a small body of water and offer a calming presence.

With both series being comprised of stripes of colour, they can accommodate to any colour-schemed interior. Whether you’re wanting a loud, statement piece, something more understated, or if you have particular shades in mind that you would like to be incorporated into these land and seascapes, as with previous clients, Daisy can work with you to create something special and tailored to you.

Interested in investing in art? Though working on existing commissions, Daisy is always happy to accept new work, and would love to discuss any potential pieces you are considering, whether you’re building an art collection, looking to inject more artwork into your spaces, or sourcing pieces for an upcoming project. To find out more, visit the Arcipluvia website, https://www.arcipluvia.co.uk/ or take a scroll through the @arcipluvia Instagram page. For any enquiries please get in contact with Daisy via the [email protected] email address.