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An Interview with Qraft Lighting

This week, we spoke with the wonderful Qraft Lighting, who specialise in luxury bespoke lighting for hotels…

What is the inspiration behind Qraft Lighting, and how did the journey start?

We started off as a small group friends in the industry (designers and engineers) and we came together recognising that the process of specifying custom decorative lighting was not efficient.

Hence Qraft was created not only to offer quality and creative designs to the hospitality sector but also to help simplify the specification process of both standard and custom light fittings. 


What is the main problem Qraft Lighting is looking to solve

We understand that every project is unique and therefore deserves a unique design. 

One of Qraft’s primary goals is to simplify the specification of custom decorative lighting products by allowing designers and customers alike freely design their own products whilst we support them with all the technical expertise, manufacturing resources and after care to realise their vision. 


Do you have a specific target market?

We focus currently on the hospitality contract lighting market, working closely with hotel brands, procurement companies and designers & specifiers alike. However we do welcome project enquiries of all sizes and nature. Our flexibility and efficiency gives us this advantage over others. 


How has COVID affected your business? 

It’s been a very difficult year and a half, not just for us but for the entire sector as a whole. Travel has been restricted and consequently the hospitality sector came to a slight stand still. Despite, we have been seeing hotel owners wanting to take this as an opportunity to upgrade and so we have been helping on these projects. Hopefully with the vaccine programme being rolled out worldwide we will see the return of travel and a thriving hospitality sector from 2021 onwards.


Given the impact of the pandemic, have you had to scale your objectives to make them more ‘realistic’ – if COVID has impacted you?

We are proud and happy to say we have managed to maintain all our staff throughout the pandemic as we’ve always focussed on being lean and efficient. As a result, it has actually created an explosion of creativity and excitement internally around some new products which we hope to bring to the market in the near future. So in summary our ambition remains the same, if not more ambitious and we’ve more time to plan and hope to create more as a result.


What are the current achievements and short term goals for Qraft?

In a relatively short time frame; the response, support and engagement from our client base has been fantastic. We’ve managed to exponentially grow our list of collaborators, client base and supporters of the brand. Which has subsequently helped us to grow our local support teams around the world in key locations such as Europe, the Middle East and Asia. We hope to continue to support our big hotel brands clients in creating beautiful spaces with light. We have built up a fantastic reputation for quality and design creativity, which we hope to continue and bring more awareness to the brand.


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