In the heart of London’s Borough Market, ROAST London recently completed a comprehensiverefurbishment, unveiling a modernized restaurant space alongside a brand-new collection of custom-designed menus by Springback Binders.

ROAST London’s refurbishment team worked closely with Springback Binders to introduce an array of meticulously crafted menu presentation items, including Menu Folders, Menu Boards, and matching Bill Presenters. 

These bespoke pieces reflect the restaurant’s tone as well as Springback Binders’ expertise.

The standout feature of this collaboration is the diverse range of menu presentation items. The Menu Folders, known for their high-quality craftsmanship, combine elegance and practicality to showcase the restaurant’s culinary offerings effectively. 

The newly introduced Menu Boards, a product innovation from Springback Binders, introduce a sleek and modern aesthetic while maintaining a commitment to luxury dining. Concurrently, the matching Bill Presenters facilitate a seamless transition from dining to settling the bill.

What truly distinguishes this partnership is Springback Binders’ unwavering commitment to the guest experience. All items featured in the ROAST London collection are meticulously crafted from premium materials that perfectly align with the restaurant’s vision. 

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