At a pivotal point in sustainable living, Leicestershire-based hair and skincare brand No Ordinary have won a Lux Global Excellence Award for Cosmetics Brand of the Year (Europe), for their commitment to doing good – and doing it well. Winning a Global Excellence Award is evidence that a brand stands out from the crowd as a leading luxury business. No Ordinary are embodying the philosophy upon which the brand was built: to live a life less ordinary. Their products are ethical, sustainable, organic and cruelty-free. Designed for the whole family, from babies to grandparents (and even the dog), they are removing the need for a mass of plastic bottles in the bathroom. Founder and entrepreneur Gavin Taylor works tirelessly to inspire others to lead a simpler, more modest and mindful lifestyle. “Of the many takeaways from 2020, we’ve all learnt the importance of self-care, but more crucially, the need for sustainability as our population continues to grow. No Ordinary provides a balance between the two: luxury hair and skincare that’s kind to our planet and all those that inhabit it.” “Independent and environmentally-conscious businesses have seen huge growth over recent years, and they show no signs of slowing. For a sustainable brand to win such a prestigious award is a sign that we are moving towards a more eco-centric ‘normal’, and that change is happening. Gavin and his No Ordinary team have ambitious plans to scale up the business and play an instrumental role in the sustainable lifestyle industry (winning a few more awards along the way).”