There is a Philosophy Behind Our Products.

The original and fascinating works in the world have appeared with a philosophy behind it, intense effort, reason, and respect for the universe.

Our planet has changed and is changing, our rapidly evolving consciousness, perspectives, technology, and habits bring new desires and expectations with them every day. The field chosen by our company at the point of meeting the expectations of the changing world has been to produce exclusive designs for our living spaces and spaces, keeping up with the new era.

Our company produces unique and remarkable designs in its field by using high quality and centuries-old trees with a story. Our understanding of design includes two elements: transforming centuries-old trees that have seen history into works and original and striking details that do not repeat themselves.

Our process of creating original ideas and inspiration in design, starts with examining the trunks of tree stumps before cutting step, continues throughout the process of transforming a slice of a log into a work.

As a result of these components, we create designs that enrich the spaces, attract attention, talk about themselves and are memorable.

We use natural tree logs, complementary metals, and epoxy in our designs. We implement our products with the vision of being an antique of the future, with details and production quality.

Preserving And Keeping Alive the Memory of The World

In addition to our classic designs, we include special symbols and decorations used throughout our world history. Each of these symbols and ornaments in the details of our designs has a story. They were used by great civilizations and took place in unforgettable periods of history. We strive to often include these patterns and symbols in our designs, both within the scope of our responsibility to preserve the memory of world history, and to properly receive help from the important and positive effects of these symbols and ornaments on human life.  

About The Olive Tree

The olive tree is the most used wood by our company. We are obsessed with that individual tree specie that is considered special in many beliefs, known for its hard and durable structure, has antibacterial properties and stands out from other tree species with its golden glittering surface.

In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that Isis, the wife of God Osiris, taught humanity about olive cultivation; The Greeks believed that the olive tree was a gift to humanity from the Goddess of Wisdom, Athena. We understand from the writings of the historian Herodotus that the sacred olive trees of Athena (known as “moriae”) have been protected with special laws. Olive and olive oil is often mentioned in the holy books of monotheistic religions. In Islam, the origin of the olive tree can be traced back to the days when Adam descended to earth. Christians believe that the doors of Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and the cross on which Jesus was crucified were also made from the woods grown in Adam’s tomb. During the Ottoman Empire, it was believed that the olive brought abundance and was a talisman.

It is prohibited to cut olive trees due to their importance in nature. For this reason, in our designs, only the uprooted old olive trees and parts or that have completed their life are used to protect forest health. Because there is no industrial production or sale, the accessible logs are limited, and they are rare.

The olive tree we use in our designs is not only a special tree, but also the hardest and hardest tree to use in the field of wood. Its asymmetrical body clings tightly to stones and soils throughout its centuries-long life. For this reason, it is exceedingly difficult to cut in industrial cutting facilities, even with high technology machines.

Which Region Do Our Olive Trees Belong To?

One of the most important legends of Kaz Mountains, which is famous for its legends, history, place in mythology, air, streams and unique natural beauties, the famous beauty contest that led to the Trojan War, in which Hera, Aphrodite and Athena took part, and the Trojan War of the Gods. It is the legend that Aphrodite fell in love for the first time here. The olive trees we use in our designs belong to the Edremit, Akcay and Ayvalik regions of the Aegean province of Balikesir, which is home to the Kaz Mountains.

Processing Of Olive Wood

The carefully categorized Olive tree plaques are used while handcrafting our designs are freed from stone, soil, and shells by our team with completely traditional methods. Since it has more indentations than standard tree species, it needs fine workmanship and great care. Specially created designs by Turquoise Concept for the structure of the pieces, without wasting almost any part of the olive tree considered the gold of the trees.

Thanks to the olive tree, table and coffee table designs made of centuries-old trees, which have seen large and important parts of world history in decoration, appear like a historical artifact.


Walnut wood is a second type of wood that has not lost its popularity and nobility in wooden designs for centuries and that our company has included in original and unusual designs.

The philosophy of meeting the old and the new in the same line dominates the production and design understanding of our company. Our products are designed following countless variable stages, from the most traditional handcrafting techniques to innovative technology.

Turquoise Concept Achievements

Turquoise Concept have produced two of world’s largest epoxy tables. Turquoise Concept is one of the few and well-known manufacturers that can produce the brightest and highest quality transparency products among epoxy designs in the world. Turquoise Concept is one of the few companies that has a large stock of olive trees and can often include olive trees in their products.

Original And Contemporary Designs Every Year

While our brand produces new, unconventional, and completely original designs every year, it continues to work for the next year’s designs.

Custom Designs

We can respond to your distinctive design requests by our production philosophy. Share with us the idea that can be a part of the story you want to create in your spaces, and our expert team will bring this design to life for you. We can handcraft mind-blowing solutions for custom sizes, exceptional design revisions, colors, complementary accessories, technical change requests, and we become a part of your team to bring your ideas to life.

Old And New Together

The designs born from the combination of the traditional and noble design understanding of the past and the possibilities of today’s technology have always fascinated us with the concept of timelessness. While solid wood logs with natural edges create a vintage and country design line, the epoxy material of today’s age, with a fascinating appearance, manages to impress us.

Unmatchable Elegance

Our designs have details that can create a concept on their own without the need for any added styling work. With its asymmetrical wood grains, vivid color widths upon request, and unusual lines, it is like a work that works alone without the need for auxiliary materials.

Product Groups

We have product groups that you can include in different areas. In addition to products such as dining tables, coffee tables, side tables. We offer complementary product models such as candle holders, coasters, wall decoration products. Ninety percent of our products are suitable for changes in size, color, and other details.


From the trees we prefer to the auxiliary materials we use, from our production techniques to other components, our products have high durability.

It feels like, the production is right next to you.

Our products are unique, not mass-produced products with certain standards. They are masterpieces with differences from the other, with the same general design lines, but partial and different details. For this reason, we share every non-standard stage of production with you and include your choices and approvals. Thanks to this protection policy, we not only support you to use your time in the best way, but also ensure that no details come out of your expectations. In this way, you can control the process as if you are following the production on site.

Epoxy Resin and Wood

Epoxy resin has an incredibly wide field of activity from insulation applications to aerospace technologies and maritime. It has also been started to be used in the fields of art, decoration, and furniture with its new formulas. Its structure, which is suitable for use in different fields with other materials, enables the original idea to turn into a work of art and design.

Epoxy resins vary in durability and production results according to their formulations.

The best formulated and top-quality epoxy resins produced today are American made. American made high quality epoxy resins, together with the right techniques, give the best results in terms of maximum gloss and maximum transparency. Again, these resins have a much higher resistance to yellowing, which is one of the biggest problems of epoxy, compared to other formulas.

A series of processes and techniques are needed for these high-quality epoxy resins, produced with good formulas, to combine with wood and look fascinating and rich. If each of these stages and techniques are perfect, the epoxy will appear as transparent as a real glass and as bright as a crystal.

For epoxy resin, which is often used in its designs, to achieve this rich appearance, years of R&D have determined the best auxiliary materials in its field and ensured that every stage can be complete and perfect.

It has maximized not only the ideas and materials of the designs, but also the artisanship, thus fixing its own unique quality standards.

Epoxy Surface Models

In the designs we produce with epoxy and wood, we have two models, namely brushed and full. These models are figured out according to usage style and visual expectations.

Wooden surfaces in brushed models are not fully covered with epoxy. It is a model preferred by those who want to feel the texture of wood-on-wood surfaces. Wooden surfaces have a more matte appearance in this model compared to epoxy areas. In brushed designs, a wood oil specially produced from linseed is applied to wooden surfaces. To preserve the vitality of wooden surfaces on the first day, it is necessary to apply wood oil at regular intervals. The wood oil application is easy. Product owners can easily make this application themselves. 

In Full Designs, the entire product is covered with transparent epoxy. It is a preferred model due to the glossy, glassy appearance of epoxy and the deeper display of the materials it has trapped inside. In this model, the wood cannot be felt. In full designs, as in brushed designs, the product does not require maintenance at regular intervals. It has a completely shiny appearance in full designs. Since wooden surfaces are covered with epoxy, they have the lively and bright appearance provided by epoxy, and the surface patterns become more distinct and livelier. It is resistant to scratches in daily use if it does not receive severe and hard impacts.

Additionally, we offer a non-scratchable protection film for fully epoxy covered products to avoid all kind of scratches to keep our customers’ designs in perfect condition.