Creative Lab Amsterdam – well know of their luxurious and outspoken wallpaper, greeting cards and notebooks – launches a new wallpaper collection available from September 2020. For the first time the collection also has wallpaper suitable for bathrooms. Creative Lab Amsterdam gets it’s inspiration out of the animal and plant kingdom. The designs stand out by the fine details and use of lots of colour. Every product is of high quality and is produced with the greatest care. With every wallpaper eco-friendly inks are used. Tropical birds, flower patterns and finely drawn forest landscapes alternate in the designs of the new Creative Lab Amsterdam collection. The colour pallet of the collection combines pastel colours with fresh and clear colours. There are designs whereby your wall changes in a story: from an ocean view with dancing whales to tropical forests and an African Savanna. The characteristic wallpaper of Creative Lab Amsterdam brings new life and colour to any room. The new collection is made of material that stays beautiful in warm and damp conditions, perfect for bathrooms and wet rooms. The material is strong, colour resistant and has a matt look & feel with a light structure. This wallpaper has a few important certifications like the Greenguard Gold certification which refers to a good air quality in the room. Also new in the collection are the wallpaper circles whereby the designs are created in a circle. The circles are all in one piece with a diameter of 145 cm. The circles are of the same high quality standard as the rest of the wallpaper collection of Creative Lab Amsterdam. About Creative Lab Amsterdam Creative Lab Amsterdam started by Nienke van der Leer and Heleen van Nierop and designs greeting cards, wallpaper and stationery products of high quality since 2016. They use high quality paper and traditional printing techniques. The label stands for energy and professionalism and the products a of great quality. Nienke is responsible for the business side of the organisation and Heleen is the creative mind behind all the designs. Every year Creative Lab Amsterdam launches two stationery collections and one wallpaper collection. In this wallpaper collection they sell ‘murals’ in standard sizes, furthermore they sell customised wallpaper for rooms with specific wishes. Now a days they have 800 outlets in 31 countries. Hotel News