A visionary, fairy-tale creation with an organic form inspired by the shapes of the natural world. The sensitive eye will detect fairy tale motifs, such as shapes from fairy tales, flowers, butterflies, or fantasy creatures hidden in the unique shape of the lamp. A free composition creating a modern lighting form.

The MESH lamp series was designed by the architectural duo of Maria and Jacek Rypula. The designers used steel mesh material, inspired by its possibilities and the plasticity of its form. They recognized a creative potential in the material that allowed them to work creatively, resulting in a collection of modern lamps and chandeliers MESH. “Designing is a process that has a beginning and an end. These two suspended in space-time points are difficult to define. The creative process begins much earlier than it seems. A small seed is planted in the head and germinates, to eventually transform into creative energy,” says designer Jacek Rypuła. “This was also the case with this lamp and the material itself. The first contact with the mesh planted a long-maturing design thought in the head, which over time gained intensity and matured into action.”

The MESH lamp is a product with a sculptural expressiveness that aims to bring an artistic spirit to interiors. The collection of modern MESH lamps aligns with the trend of design that draws inspiration from nature, color, and emotions. Many lighting projects by the brand Gie El draw inspiration from the forms and shapes of plants and animals, allowing for the creation of a natural and visually pleasing environment. The color scheme also often reflects the colors of nature. The lamps, imbued with artistic expression, help create a friendly, relaxing, and comfortable interior. The reference to the forms of the natural world is clear and legible in this collection of lamps. The vertical, elongated shapes create organic structures. The light emerges from the interior of the mesh and gently spreads through its woven structure. The play of light and shadow is a valuable asset of this product.

The modern MESH chandelier is made of an attractive, modern mesh. Delicately woven, it gives a very pleasant visual structure that perfectly blends with the beam of light. Single forms are suspended on thin wires, maintaining the levitating character of the lamp. The light inside the mesh is enclosed in an aluminum profile and its source is a LED strip.

The series of artistic MESH chandeliers consists of forms with different number of elements, different arrangement, and two material versions, gold and silver. This is so that the collection can be an attractive element of interior design for different sizes, styles and purposes. It is worth noting that this type of lamps are produced on a small scale, which makes each copy unique and one-of-a-kind. What connects them all is the craftsmanship and passion of the creators who put their heart and soul into their work.

Gie El is a Polish brand that is characterized by a creative approach to lighting design. Known for its love of artistic forms and futuristic models, it now brings to the market a collection of stunning creations. The combination of soft, enveloping light with seemingly raw mesh creates a harmonious duo. Gie El designers combine unusual materials and strive to create forms that evoke emotions. By choosing products from this Polish brand, you reach for a unique and one-of-a-kind product.