With the year whizzing by, and most of us already getting into the swing of spring, there have been some recent developments here at Arcipluvia.

Arcipluvia is excited to announce that four, original, paintings are currently being exhibited as part of the group show, ‘ELYSIUM’, presented by The Holy Art Gallery at The Factory, in London, from 23rd – 28th April 2022. The gallery space will be open between 11am – 5pm for the duration of the show. Following the physical show, the virtual exhibition will be permanently displayed on The Holy Art website. For more information about the exhibition and displayed artworks, get in contact.

To provide more context surrounding the exhibited artworks, Arcipluvia is both an ongoing gouache series of paintings, and a platform to source joyous artworks, created by London-based artist, Daisy Carrick-Smith. The self-created, imagined world, Arcipluvia, was born out of a longing to visit beautiful, rural landscapes and provide an emotive, immersive, and joyously colourful escape from the everyday. Arcipluvia is a name created from the Latin-derived word ‘arcipluvian’, which translates to an ‘arc of rain’, otherwise known as a rainbow. A somewhat rare natural phenomenon which forever prompts excitement, the ephemeral rainbow is historically and presently a symbol of hope. Taking-on varied roles and meanings in religion and ancient myth across countless cultures, the rainbow was predominately considered a pathway between Earth and Heaven, and subsequently became a sign of promise that better times lie ahead.

Arcipluvia encapsulates everything good –old and new– that the rainbow represents, through mesmerising, undulating hills of infinite colour – a contemporary paradise. It is Daisy’s love of colour, and the message of hope woven through her work, which drove her to create this platform – an eponym of these prismatic landscapes. Comprised of multi-coloured stripes, the Arcipluvia landscapes present endless opportunity with regard to colour options, and therefore can be painted to accommodate specific interior schemes to perfectly slot into any space. Whether you’re wanting a loud, statement piece, something more understated, or if you have particular shades in mind that you would like to be incorporated into these landscapes, Daisy can work with you to create something special and tailored to your needs.

Interested in investing art? Daisy is currently open for Arcipluvia commissions. Whether you’re building an art collection, looking to inject more colour into your interiors, or sourcing pieces for an upcoming project, she can work with you to create an Arcipluvia scene(s) that suits your space. If you are interested in commissioning one of these pieces, seeing Daisy’s art, or finding out more about the Arcipluvia platform, then visit the Arcipluvia website, or take a scroll through the Arcipluvia Instagram page. For any enquiries please get in contact via the [email protected] email address.