hote suppliers / hotel interior specialists When and where was the company established?

Iconic Interiors was established in 2004. At this time we were trading in Hull, East Yorkshire.

What inspired you to launch the company?

Prior to setting up Iconic Interiors, I had been a web designer for a number of years. One day whilst browsing the internet I came across a number of furniture companies specialising in famous furniture designs. On seeing some of these designs, specifically the Barcelona chair (one of the most famous chair designs) I decided to set up my own company selling such iconic furniture designs. Looking back I now realise I was ready for a new challenge – especially a challenge which took me away from being sat at a computer screen all day. Running Iconic Interiors is incredibly varied.

What is the process involved with manufacturing your products?

I quickly realised there were many factories in both China and Italy producing these famous designs. My challenge was to source the furniture from the best factories with an emphasis on quality.

What is your most reputable/popular product?

The most popular furniture piece we sell is the Eames Lounge chair and Ottoman. This is arguably the most famous chair design from the twentieth century.

Do you have a specific target market? (Eg. High-end hotels)

We supply our furniture to both the general public and to businesses throughout the world. Our preferred customers are high-end hotels and we tailor much of our marketing to the Hotel furniture sector.

Where would you like to be in both the short and long term?

We have built up a fantastic reputation for quality. In both the short term and long term we’d like to extend this reputation into the Hotel sector. In the short term, we’d like to build up our contacts within the Hotel furniture sector. In the long term, we hope to have increased substantially the range of furniture designs we offer.