As a Partner of Hotel Suppliers, Dorothy Fagan Fine Art offers a wide range of large statement pieces : oil on canvas, fabric or works on papers. Perfect for Boutique Hotel lobbies, unique rooms or spas. As a Joyful Expressionist, her colorful artworks are inspired by her chakra-aligned color palette, bringing ongoing energy and flow to the surface of each painting.

The new Spring Collection titled Blooming Effervescence showcases a wide range of sizes of oil on canvas and mixed media collages. Perfect for a Boutique hotel looking for some energized and

Sacred Garden (New Turf IV)A NEW SPRING COLLECTION from Artist Dorothy Fagan

Sacred Garden (New Turf IV) 2023, 24 x 20 in, Oil on Canvas

colorful works, Dorothy Fagan’s creations provide structure and vitality to any room.

The new spring collection is here to inspire and provide your guest with a new vision of the future to come. Created with a healing color palette, the Blossom Joy (displayed above) will immerse the viewer into a whirlwind of positive vitality. It’s large size makes it the perfect statement piece for any lobby. 

Blossom Joy A NEW SPRING COLLECTION from Artist Dorothy Fagan

Blossom Joy, 2023 , 40 x 64 in Oil on Canvas

Dorothy Fagan is an American artist based in Virginia. A renowned painter, she has been in the business for over 40 years. Fagan and her curatorial and designer team will help you create a perfect color pallet for your Boutique hotel and provide consultation and assistance every step of the way. As a small business, Dorothy Fagan Fine Art takes pride in building a collaborative environment that is perfectly tailored to every client’s needs. 

Interested in Oil Painting? Bring true Art to your guests, they deserve the best! Find your needs on our website selection. 

Inquire about our team’s hotel installation, site specific fabrications or curated shows. We are happy to gather your needs in partnership with Hotel Suppliers. Check out Dorothy Fagan Fine Art for more original oil on canvas, paper and prints or visit her page on the Hotel Suppliers Website.