Hotel Suppliers Reporter speaks with artist and creative, Dario Reina, about Nicky Myny’s art, her creative process and artistic ideology.

Can you tell us about Nicky’s practice and how Nicky Myny Art began?

Nicky Myny Art began as an art practice to bridge what we know and how we feel in a non-verbal and colourful way. It organically evolved into a contemporary art practice that specialises in creating evocative and intuitive pieces that explore the boundaries of abstract expressionism. Nicky’s practice began as a way of exploring the emotional response to the world around her and has since grown into a full-fledged career as an artist.

Where does Nicky initially draw inspiration when approaching a painting?

When approaching a painting, Nicky draws inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, music, and personal experiences. She believes that the process of creating art is deeply personal and that each painting should reflect the unique perspective of the artist, which is always a reflection of personal experiences and emotions and very often unaware beliefs of the self.

Nicky says that she is “a painter first”- and that this defines every other aspect of her life. How does this translate in her paintings?

As a painter, Nicky’s artistic vision shapes every aspect of her life, from the way she sees the world to the way she interacts with others. This passion is reflected in her paintings, which are characterised by bold, vibrant colours and sweeping, gestural brushstrokes.

Talk us through Nicky’s creative process- from initial conception to final brushstroke.

Nicky’s creative process is highly intuitive, with each painting evolving organically from an initial concept or idea. From there, she allows the painting to guide her, using a combination of spontaneity and careful planning to create a finished work that is both emotionally resonant and aesthetically stunning.

Why is it important to have intuitive, evocative pieces of art in hotel rooms- as opposed to cheaper, mass-produced art?

The importance of intuitive, evocative art in hotel rooms lies in the power of art to evoke emotion and create a sense of connection with the viewer. Mass-produced art may be cheaper, but it lacks the emotional depth and personal resonance of a one-of-a-kind piece. By featuring original art in hotel rooms, guests have the opportunity to connect with the artwork, and the artist on a deeper level, creating a more memorable and meaningful experience.

Nicky’s recent piece entitled ‘Spirit of Nature’ stands as a really beautiful and expressive work of art- what does it distil for you?

‘Spirit of Nature’ is a deeply personal piece for Nicky, representing her connection to the natural world and her belief in the transformative power of nature. The painting distills a sense of calm and tranquility, inviting the viewer to connect with the beauty and serenity of the natural world.

What’s next for Nicky Myny Art? What is Nicky currently working on?

Nicky is currently working on a number of exciting projects, including new paintings inspired by her travels and experiences, as well as collaborations with other artists and designers. She is also exploring new mediums and techniques, pushing the boundaries of her art practice, and continuing to evolve as an artist.

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