Hotel Supplier’s reporter interviews Scottish Power to discuss their EV charging solutions for hotels. 


What is your mission at Scottish Power?

At ScottishPower, we’re working on a better, greener future. We’re part of the Iberdrola Group, one of the world’s largest integrated utility companies, and are a world leader in wind energy. We’re also proud to be the UK’s first fully integrated energy company that generates 100% green electricity.

In our drive to help reach net zero emissions by 2050, we’re working to provide hotels with support to help make their hotels greener. Our products include solar panels, battery storage, electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructures, heating, and cooling solutions.


How do your EV chargers work? 

After plugging in their EV, customers can initiate a charge in a number of ways including via our ScottishPower Recharge App, an RFID card, a QR code, or for units 8kW and above, a contactless payment terminal integrated into the unit.

If hotels wish to make this a free amenity for guests, the software can be configured to start as soon as a vehicle plugs in.


What different types of EV chargers do you offer hoteliers?

ScottishPower benefits from a global EV supply chain which affords us access to a variety of charge point makes and models. This means we can offer everything from a 3.5kW to a 350kW unit. All of our installations are designed for the site and intended use, meaning the most suitable chargers can be deployed for your guests.

 We offer a range of different charging solutions for hotels, including:

  • A funded host solution for public EV chargers;
  • EV charging solutions for business use; and
  • Fleet Zero – a bespoke solution to transition your fleet to EVs.


Talk us through the EV process at Scottish Power- from installation to maintenance.

 An initial engagement with you allows us to understand your hotel and guests. We will then work with you to develop a bespoke solution for your business to suit your needs, including the right number of charging sockets and the best charging speeds for your guests. For example, whilst ultra-rapid units may sound appealing, if guests are required to move their vehicle after 30 minutes, this may be inconvenient.

Once the scope has been established, we will conduct a detailed on-site survey in order to establish where to place the units, where the best point of connection may be, and how the cables will be installed. We will liaise with you throughout this process, allowing you to be as involved as you choose.

Once the design and price are agreed, we will schedule the work at a mutually convenient time. Again, you will be kept fully informed. The installation process will usually take a few weeks and we will keep disruption to a minimum. Safety is our primary concern so the installation area will be cordoned off and secured throughout.

Once the chargers are commissioned, ScottishPower will provide guidance on how to use the hardware and app.

If this installation is ScottishPower funded, then we will fully operate and maintain the chargers for a period of 10 years. This includes any warranty and maintenance issues, guest queries and administration.

If you choose to purchase these units and fund them yourself, they come with a 3-year parts and labour warranty as standard, and this can be extended.


Why is it important for hoteliers to provide robust EV infrastructure?

Increasingly, there is an expectation from customers that charging amenities are provided, similar to the early days of broadband. Early adopters can benefit from this competitive advantage, and it may also place them in a better position if they choose to electrify their fleet or if staff transition to EVs.


What are some of the benefits of ScottishPower’s EV charging solutions?

  • Our fully funded option allows you to offer hotel electric vehicle chargers at no cost to you
    • We lease the space from you, fully fund the EV charge points and you’ll receive a share of the revenue
    • We secure a new electricity supply point so there’s no impact on the building electricity supply
  • You could benefit from higher footfall
    • We advertise these units on a variety of platforms
    • EV drivers are increasingly choosing destinations with smart EV charging solutions
  • Employee benefits
    • If your employees make the move to an EV, our hotel EV charge points give you the ability to offer convenient ‘at work’ charging for your employees
  • Flexible solutions
    • We can help design flexible charging solutions that match your hotel site requirements, which can evolve as your needs change over time. Our aim is to make the process as hassle-free as possible for you
  • Lower running costs
    • Switching from a conventional fleet to battery electric vehicles can deliver big savings for businesses – this may cut fuel costs by over 80% (1).


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