Here at Hotel Suppliers- we are all about sustainability. Taking care of our planet and reducing carbon emissions is important not only to our network- but also to us as individuals. We want to see the hotels we work with thrive as hubs of exploration and travel for future generations- and sustainability is key to their continual success as we enter an age of climate consciousness. 

In recent years, we have launched a new category of sustainable hotel suppliers who specialise in environmentally friendly products and services. From these suppliers we have chosen five products with which you can celebrate World Environment Day today- and ensure your hotel’s sustainability with, everyday.


1. Repurpose 

Repurpose is a female-founded small business that makes plant based dinnerware, trash bags and bamboo paper products from plants. Creating alternatives to single use everyday items that pollute the environment- repurpose has kept over 4 millions lbs of plastic out of landfills since its launch. 

Repurpose’s mission is not only to provide environmentally friendly alternatives for single use plastic products- but also to introduce sustainable tableware to the luxury hotel sphere. As such, their products are durable, aesthetically pleasing and convenient for guests and hospitality staff alike. 




Combining the sustainability of solid soap with the luxury feel of liquid- SNOAP is the perfect sustainable dispenser solution for your hotel.

The SNOAP dispenser removes the need for single use plastic, allowing guests to utilise sanitary solid soap and shampoo- without having to deal with the gunky mess that solid products often turn into.

Each bar of SNOAP is the equivalent of 10 bottles of hand soap- installing SNOAP in your guests’ bathrooms therefore saves you money, boosts their luxury experience and ultimately represents your commitment to the planet!



3.  Cottonsafe Natural Mattress 

Cottonsafe hotel mattresses are natural, biodegradable mattresses that are expertly crafted in Woodbury, Devon using hand teased wool from local farms. 

Whilst Cottonsafe mattresses are completely chemical free, natural and biodegradable- this does not come at the expense of their luxurious decedent comfort.

Cottonsafe mattresses are also miraculously fire retardant and they comply with all the UK’s contract Furniture Fire Regulations without the use of any fire retardant chemicals.



4.  The Little Coffee Bag Co.

The Little Coffee Bag Co. offers sustainable Cafétiere style coffee in a convenient single serve bag. With a recyclable sachet and plant-based compostable bag- each Little Coffee Bag contains 10g of oven roasted ground Arabica Coffee. 

Not only do the Little Coffee Bag Co. work to create their coffee bags with sustainable materials- they also actively reduce their CO2 emissions by choosing nearest dispatch locations and shortest delivery routes.

Forget about massive expenditures on unsustainable coffee machines and cleaning services- try out these luxury hotel coffee bags instead!


5.  Moo and Yoo 

A family run sustainable hair and body care company based in Scotland- Moo and Yoo make luxury, ethical bathroom products that are kind to the skin and the planet. 

Not only are Moo and Yoo’ s products vegan, palm oil free and renewable- they are also entirely plastic free. Moo and Yoo amenities come in beautiful glass bottles that can be refilled endlessly without producing tonnes of single use plastic. 



Moo and Yoo, like many sustainable hotel suppliers, acknowledge that sustainable practices in hotels have a positive impact of guest experiences and increases the likelihood of their returning. As such, they love to partner with hotels that share their passion for the environment. 

Whilst World Environment day allows for us to reflect on the ways in which we can move toward more sustainable practices in the hotel industry- these suppliers and their durable, cost effective, environmentally friendly solutions ensure that World Environment day isn’t just a day, but rather, a way of life.