The goal of every hotel is to leave your guests with the memories of a wonderful stay, unforgettable for all the right reasons. It’s often the little things that customers remember…

All too often the experience for female guests who have to manage their period during their stay is less than wonderful! Typically women are left to use toilet rolls to wrap the used products up in, or, non-eco plastic bags that are annoying to use and do not seal closed. Or, even worse, they flush, which can cause on-site blockages, or escape into the local aquatic system (rivers, oceans, beaches) causing pollution.

FabLittleBag is multi-award-winning, perfectly designed, made from plants and recycled materials is opaque, and seals closed. With this hygienic design suddenly managing ones period just became easy, hygienic, eco-friendly, and a relaxed experience. With both the environment and hygiene at the forefront of people’s minds, FabLittleBag is the perfect solution to provide a truly 5* disposal experience for your guests. Added advantages include:

  • Reduced costs linked to blockages
  • Quicker and more hygienic bin emptying by cleaners
  • Demonstrating to your guests that you have thought about their needs and the planet in equal measure

FabLittleBags are sustainably sourced, made from plants and recycled material making them the world’s most eco-responsible solution for disposal. Their patented design makes using them a relaxing and feel-good experience. During and post-Covid the reassuring promotion of good hygiene is paramount and FabLittleBag is a perfect example of this. FabLittleBag provides hotels with discreet room packs as well as dispensers for the communal toilets. View their profile by clicking the button below View Profile