Zepice is a family run business that prides itself on producing the most amazing Gourmet Award Winning fusion food. Along with amazing recipes that are available on their website (click here), they provide a wide variety of Mauritian spice blends, curries and pastes, which have strong influences of Creole, Persian, Portuguese, Dutch, French, Chinese & Asian cuisine. Since Zepice’s launch in 2018, they have won 4 Great Taste Awards, have been mentioned in a variety of magazines and have expanded their menu to make up a vast, varied culinary selection designed to heighten your gastronomical experience. Here are some of their award-winning blends!

Unique Spice Blends

Oak Smoked Gourmet Curry

An Award-Winning, exquisite, slow roasted & Oak Smoked Gourmet Curry Blend. This is a rich, opulent yet mellow curry with a unique melody of flavours. It has an exceptional harmonious flavour profile that is furthermore enhanced through the smoking process & thus making it a flavoursome & indulgent curry. Why Oak Smoked? The reason for it being Oak smoked is to bring out the reminiscent flavour profiles of the ancient methods of cooking on Wood. It has a unique & harmonious flavour profile. Gluten-Free & 100% Natural

Unique Spice Blends

Smokey Sweet Ancho Chilli Gourmet Rub

A Mild Smokey sweet Gourmet Rub with delightful hints of Ancho chilli. With superb and tantalising notes of Szechuan pepper & Orange, together they work in perfect harmony. Enhance & add a unique, mildly fruity, & delicious flavour to your food. Orange not only brings a delightful & harmonious flavour to dishes but also adds a zing of freshness. Alongside the subtle hints of ginger, cinnamon & star anise, it just adds another exotic touch to your meal. Let the luxurious and highly aromatic flavours intensify your dishes. Simply rub, marinate & cook. Easy to use, 100% Natural & Gluten-Free

Mauritian Garam Masala Spice Blend

A unique & aromatic blend of spices. Primarily used to add depth of flavour to dishes such as soups/casseroles & stews, but also used in a common Mauritian dish called La Daube. The Mauritian Daube (Garam Masala) is a fragrant & aromatic blend of spices. The spices work in harmony with each other making it such a versatile & easy blend to use. Easy to use, 100% Natural & Gluten-Free

Unique Spice Blends

Shichimi Togarashi Seasoning

Not only a beautiful, natural aromatic seasoning but so full of flavour. Versatile, easy & super tasty. Not sure what to do with it? The question is what you cannot do with it! Szechuan pepper gives it a delightful and slight peppery note. Orange adds a zesty hint. Kaffir lime gives a beautiful aroma. The sesame seeds also give a lovely roasted flavour. It is not only a perfect blend of beautiful ingredients but also compliments a dish thoroughly. Simply sprinkle and go! Easy to use, 100% Natural & Gluten-Free

Unique Spice Blends

Mesquite Smoked Ancho & Pasilla Gourmet Chilli Paste

A Mild Smokey, rich, fruity gourmet paste with hints of grape and liquorice. Delicately made by hand. As well as being a perfect addition to any dinner table because it allows you to spice up or down. Though this paste is Mild, it has a wonderful burst of flavour. It works in perfect harmony with so many dishes. Uses: Added to crusty bread, used as a dip and even a condiment. Used as a marinade or even as a glaze to your BBQ. Mesquite can complement your cheeseboard or just simply adding to mayonnaise. Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & 100 Natural.