Monthly Archives: January 2021

  What about starting this new year paying more attention to safety and accessibility? When projecting a hotel room, inclusivity and accessibility need to be considered. Hotel customers could have different physical conditions: age, weight, disability or various motor difficulties. All these elements could characterise hotel guests. So, there’s the necessity to imagine a comfortable […]

This afternoon, a handful of our staff attended the Independent Hotel Show Summit which was broadcasted via Crowdcast to an audience of over 800 people, varying from hotel owners and operators to hospitality professionals. The very interesting webinar offered us great insight into the industry, the impact of COVID-19 on hotels and how hotels can […]

During the pandemic, there has undoubtedly been an enormous strain on the NHS, no more so than now! Currently there are 35,000 COVID patients in hospital with critical care beds running out. Businesses have also suffered, hospitality is one of the hardest hit, and yet the resilience and resourcefulness it has shown has been phenomenal, […]