Advocating for a thoughtful selection of décor pieces, 1988 Cultivating Spaces introduces a sustainable alternative to mass production items: accent pieces crafted in small European ateliers. Featuring small furniture, wall art and ceramics, the one-of-a kind pieces pursue the beauty of organic design, having a neutral aesthetics that avoids here-today-gone-tomorrow trend movements.

Dedicated to the principles of slow living, the founders, Bianca Popa and Diana Toncea, believe that frequent restyling of spaces wastes precious resources, thus they propose pieces with simple, timeless design for which they bring together the finest artisans. The asymmetry of organic design together with the natural materials invite you to cherish their collections from generation to generation, reminding us to think not in terms of decoration, but in terms of clarity.

Explore the accent furniture

1988 Cultivating Spaces’ furniture collection balances design and practicality, including stools, design lounge sofas and coffee tables; the accent pieces create a powerful statement as stand-alone pieces as well as mixed together in surprising combinations.

Discover the beauty of warm-toned ceramics

Built using the age-old coiling technique, the ceramics collection is a true ode to craftsmanship. The organic shaped and Earthy toned pieces integrate the slow aesthetic belief and celebrate simplicity and longevity.

Supporting original art

Inspired by human personality, the limited wall art series embodies captivating abstract pieces created by emerging artists. The brand’s ambition is to promote original art by offering an alternative to art prints.