How does EVC’s fully funded solution benefit hotels and their guests?

In recent years the ability to offer EV charging has become a necessity for hotels. Hotels not offering this amenity could miss out on a new and growing customer base, alongside additional revenue. With our fully funded solution, the cost of the entire installation process is covered by EVC, allowing hotels to provide guests with convenient EV charging with zero CapEx or OpEx costs.

Could you explain the role of EVC’s dedicated hotel EV charging consultant in this solution?

EVC’s dedicated hotel EV charging consultant is available to guide you through the entire process, from initial contact until the chargers go live (including provide any assistance you require after). EVC will organise for one of our experienced engineers to visit your hotel to carry out a site survey assessing various factors such as car park size, number of rooms, and available amenities – allowing EVC to develop a bespoke EV charging solution for your hotel. At this stage, the ideal number and type of chargers will be determined, as well as power supply – power may be available on site or there might be a requirement to procure a new power supply from the grid.They will work with you to find a suitable date for installation and ensure each stage of the process is carried out to the highest standard, enabling you to focus on your hotel operations.


What revenue generation opportunities do hotels have when they partner with EVC?

The provision of EV charging is a simple way for hotels to attract more guests who will return time and time again, keeping rooms full and boosting overall revenue. Hotel owners can generate revenue through usage of the chargers, with guaranteed fixed rents and profit share opportunities available through partnering with EVC. In addition, by adding the hotel’s charge points to a network map (such as Zapmap), they will become visible to the public and increase the number of people who make use of the chargers, driving more footfall to your site.


How does EVC ensure scalability and support for its hotel clients?

EVC install chargers with a phased approach – we vigilantly monitor the utilisation of the chargers to ensure that available chargers meet demand, also allowing us to recognise when more charge points are required. The infrastructure for future chargers is built in from day 1, so additional EV charging bays can be installed as required – with minimal disruption to the site. 

In terms of support, EVC offers 24/7 customer support, as well as covering the ongoing maintenance and servicing costs of fully funded chargers. Hotels will also receive a full warranty on all equipment through the entirety of the agreement, with offers for free upgrades to hardware and software available throughout the partnership to ensure your guests always have the best possible charging experience.


In conclusion, what would you say to hotels considering EVC’s services?

Now is the perfect time to prepare your hotel for the EV Revolution. EVC are here to make the EV switch simple for you and your hotel guests. With almost 1.5 million electric vehicles on UK roads, more and more people require EV charging when looking for a place to stay – August 2023 alone saw a 70% increase in plug-in car sales compared to August 2022.

Providing convenient EV charging to guests is a key way to increase footfall to your hotel and stand out from competitors, increasing overall revenue. In addition to this, it’s a great way to showcase your commitment to a greener future by encouraging the use of electric vehicles and lowering your business’s CO2 emissions from visitor travel.  

Get in touch today for your free consultation and avoid the EV charger rush that’s sure to happen as we move closer to the 2035 ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles.