Hotel Suppliers reporter Interviews Phillip Bone, Country Manager at DH Lifelabs.


Tell us about why your business started- what was your ‘inciting incident’? 

The business was born on the heels of the covid pandemic where we asked ourselves the basic question “is filtered air enough anymore”? When you look at the category, most brands are only filtered focused. At DH Lifelabs, we do more than just filter air. We clean it at the molecular level. We bundle active air purification, deodorization and hepa filtration into one integrated solution.


How do your air purifiers work? 

At DH Lifelabs, we have 2 different technologies that enable active air purification. Our Aaira line of products feature HOCL, which combines simple, all nature ingredients, water + salt. HOCL is a highly oxidized mildly acidic antimicrobial solution. It is as mild as citrus, yet up to ~100x more effective than bleach. HOCL actively kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and mold in the air and on surfaces. It actively deodorizes leaving a fresh scent and hygienically humidifies the air. Our Sciaire line of products feature Bipolar Air Ionization, which uses plasma ions to clean the air. Conventional air purifiers only passively filter what they catch. With Air Ionization, plasma actively attacks and breaks down contaminants at the molecular level. Plasma ions are how nature cleans the air, and we at DH Lifelabs bring plasma into your home. Air Ionization actively eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in the air. Combined with a H13 True Hepa filter, it removes 99.97% of allergens in the space. With double deodorization of air ionization and carbon filtration, wellness starts with clean air.


What are the benefits of your air purifiers for guests? How do they promote a luxury experience?

For guests, DH Lifelab air purifiers represent the best in “active air purification”. Your guests will rest assured knowing that the air they breathe is clean at the molecular level. Not many products or brands can say that. Combine that with our elegant design & aesthetic, the guest will see how DH Lifelabs products blend into the space and do not stick out like other conventional air purifiers. To this effect, we won the 2022 IF Design Award.


What different types of purifiers/filters do you offer? What are their different benefits? 

Aaire Line – HOCL with and without H13 True Hepa filter

Sciaire Line – Bipolar Air Ionization with H13 True Hepa filter


What is your greatest achievement at DH Lifelabs? 

Our greatest achievement at DH Lifelabs is the birth of the brand at the end of 2022. We are a challenger technology company that creates unique devices that enable new and extended ways to experience clean air.


What are you currently working on at DH Lifelabs?

We are preparing our next generation of air purifiers to come out in 2024. We are taking the learnings from the category, interaction with our customers, new use cases & thinking, and working on bringing nature and science together to re-imagine clean spaces.